University of California, Berkeley

Graduate Student Instructor

Investments and Derivatives
MFE (Haas), Spring 2020 with Prof. Nicolae Garleanu and Spring 2021 with Prof. Johan Walden.

Stochastic Calculus with Asset Pricing Applications
MFE/PhD (Haas), Spring 2019 with Prof. Dmitry Livdan and Spring 2021 with Prof. Johan Walden.

Monash University

Teaching Assistant

Mathematics for Economics and Business
Undergraduate, 2015-2016.

Options, Financial Futures and Other Derivatives
Undergraduate, 2015.

Principles of Econometrics
Undergraduate/Masters, 2014-2015.

Debt Markets and Fixed Income Securities
Undergraduate, 2014-2015.

Modelling in Finance
Undergraduate, 2013-2014.